When Animals Attack... Your Golf Balls

By Cameron DaSilva 03/10/2014

  • Golf is a sport played strictly outdoors in the wilderness among wild animals. At last week’s Puerto Rico Open, we got a taste of what it’s like when animals and golf balls come together. Here’s a hint: it’s hilarious.

    On the 16th hole in the final round, Andrew Loupe nearly had his ball snatched from the green by an iguana. The lizard failed to pick it up, but managed to flee the scene before anyone could catch him:

    At the WGC-Cadillac Championship at Trump National Doral, Ian Poulter also had an encounter with a lizard on the 18th hole. He posted a picture on Instagram of the striped beast in the fairway:

    Animal encounters with golf balls aren’t all too common, but we found some of the best on the web.

    Seagull not a fan of island green
    One of the most memorable was in 1998 at the Players Championship on the island green at 17 of TPC Sawgrass. A curious seagull walked onto the green, grabbed Steve Lowery’s ball from the putting surface, and flew off with it before Lowery arrived:

    Fox finds a new toy
    Although it wasn’t on the PGA Tour, a group of golfers filmed a fox playing with a golf ball on the green. The fox had a great time trying to pick up the ball and hitting it with his paws, up until one of the golfers ruined his fun and grabbed the ball:

    Gator costs golfer a new ball
    Alligators are everywhere along the banks of Florida, so encounters with these creatures are fairly common on the golf course. This gator wasn’t a fan of being poked with a ball retriever so he decided to cause the golfer a little trouble and swam into the pond with his ball:

    Hawk can't get a handle of the ball
    Once again, a bird thought it would be easier to fly away with a golf ball than it really is. This hawk had some serious trouble in this instance, eventually failing to come away with any type of souvenir:

    Squirrel finds a new nut
    Squirrels are known for hoarding nuts for winter time, but this one may have mistaken a golf ball for a nut. It carried the golf ball into the tree and escaped unscathed, successfully completing the theft:

    Animals have always roamed golf courses for as long as we can remember, and they will continue to do so until the game becomes extinct. We just have to learn to share the course with them, or we could very well lose more than just a golf ball.  Right Chubbs?

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